Zhongshan Road, walking street

Zhongshan Road is the oldest commerce street in Xiamen. It’s a well-known street where almost every tourist will visit.

Located in the center of old Xiamen and fills with people after dark for a rich sensory experience of sights and sounds. It’s a must see in the evening when the weather is nice. And not just on the main drag but also down the small side streets and alleys. Lots of shops, food, and fun!

There are all kinds of street food. The most popular and famous snacks are: stew pork rice at 1980’s (烧肉棕 ), fried glutinous pudding at Ye’s (叶氏麻糍), peanut soup at Huang Zehe’s (黄则和花生汤), noodles served with soy sauce, sesame butter, etc at Jukou (局口拌面).

Also, if you are looking for some souvenirs, it’s a good place to go. There are many gift shops selling flaky pastry, dried pork slices, tea and other local products.

Excellent place to explore the Xiamen sea-street-food. It has a great vibe and has all the modern shops as well as the local specialties. At the beginning of Zhongshan Road you have a great view in to the Gulangyu Island.


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