Xiamen Tourism and Sports Card increased to 18 spots!

Since the Xiamen Tourism Card and Outdoor Sports Card (厦门旅游年卡和户外运动卡) merged to one card has received a long-awaited upgrade of another 8 new scenery. New spots are available for card holders from this week. According to official statistics, from January to April this year the number of new cards issued by the “two cards in one” increased from 8,338 in 2017 to 29,270 what is 251.04%. The total amount paid increased from 9,925,370 yuan in the same period in 2017 to 14,258,140 yuan.

The upgraded “two-card in one” treatment is unbeatable deal. On the basis maintaining annual fee of 130 yuan, the number of applicable scenic spots has increased to 18, and the total number of single tickets is nearly 1,300¥.


Xiamen Botanical Garden

The 18 scenic spots include: Xiamen Botanical Garden, Huli Mountain Fort, Lujiang Night Tour, Geng Yayou, Southern Anhui Charm, Olympic Museum, Gulangyu Shell Dream World, Gulangyu Island Paradise, Gulangyu Foreign Cultural Museum, Huihe Stone Cultural Park. , Xiamen Garden Expo Garden, Chengyi Science and Technology Exploration Center, Xiamen Old Yard Folk Culture and Culture Park, Tongan Movie and Television City, Tongan Beichen Mountain, Tongan Jinguang Lake, Hero Three Island Battlefield Sightseeing Park, Xiaoyi Recreational Fishing Village.



Management operations also got some improvement. Convenient annual fee recharging service and developed the three-card integration function of CCB Financial Debit Card, Tourist Card and E-Tong Card – public transportation card for busses, BRT, taxis, ferries, parking.

You have rights to apply for the card if you are Xiamen residence permits holder (with family members), full-time colleges and universities student, public school students or long-term residents of Taiwan.

After the upgrade, Xiamen Tourism Collection and Distribution Service Center was introduced as a public service platform for Xiamen Tourism, and Xiamen City Construction Bank is jointly responsible for the daily operation of the “two-card” project. To apply for the Xiamen Annual Tourism and Sports Card scan QR code of official WeChat account below:


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