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What we really find on the dark side of the moon?

And if the dam breaks open many years too soon

And if there is no room upon the hill

And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too

I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon.

Pink Floyd, The Dark Side Of The Moon – 1973, Brain Damage
Yutu 2 (玉兔) on the Farside 
Image Credit: Chinese National Space Administration

On the third of January, CNSA (China National Space Administration) publishing photos of Yutu-2 rover drive off the ramp from the lander on dark side of the moon surface, gave way to all conspiracy theories and found no trace of an army of Nazis hidden in a moon base for last 70 years (Iron Sky, 2012) or mutant aliens created by secret nuclear tests of American scientists…


Chinese lunar exploration mission that achieved the first soft landing on the far side of the Moon, definitely deserves his own documentary. In the field for years dominated by two global players, a new leader of space-expansion is slowly emerging, meanwhile competitors engaged in mundane political affairs do not pick up the gauntlet and give up lead without much effort.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

“First time, that no another entity, no other country has done” it was the motto and motivation for generations from the pharaoh’s constructions, through the Christopher Columbus’s voyages, till conquer the cosmos in our time. While visiting the Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics commemorating Cold War’s sky-high racing of the USSR and the US, we will see several dozen exhibits labeled “world first” undeniably proving Soviet domination in space science. Domination, till Neil Armstrong has planted his soles in the dust of the moon. Corks fired, champagne spilled in the bliss of happiness. We omit the costs of these achievements in loss of human life, setting the world on the verge of nuclear destruction and with blindly pumping into projects billions of dollars. Today for most of us is just history. China seems to grow its own conclusions from this. Far from life in the public eye, they develop technologies that lead them far beyond the reach of others. As is the case with many of China’s science research, used the technology and the details of this mission have been limited.

Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) in Guizhou province. China has begun operating the world’s largest radio telescope to help search for extraterrestrial life. (Liu Xu/Xinhua via AP)

Multifaceted supremacy?

Modern science it’s depends on money, institutions and priming of brain power. Partly because the government can martial these all three China is heading up the ranking of the scientific achievements. Over than 2000 universities in country regularly select elite group of researchers that supported with national programs erectly works on progress. They publications is going up; an important sign of the present-day research shows equivalent of grow in quality together with the quantity. Obviously, there are still some fields in science where PRC still need to catch-up, however increase in supporting background and the speed of accelerating in digital information analyses will lead them to dominate soon in all sectors. China is very deliberate, culturally and as a nation they much far-sighted looking than people in the West. When we concern about government shutdowns in the United States or votes on Brexit deal, in same time they are looking decades ahead don’t carrying much about the politics and having clear plan to become world most powerful economy. You see that in the way they participate in space exploration which required word class academic background and massive budget. Since they lunched CNSA in 1993 they regularly defeating the next thresholds in the cosmic hierarchy and showing their capability. In 2003 they became the third country that sent its own mission into space, after the USSR and the USA. China has two space stations in orbit, of which the second is to be ready for operation in beginning of 2022. The Chinese National Space Agency (CNSA) is also considering a research crew mission to the moon and a Mars rover after 2020. Now China is sending the message “hey look we can do first too” and were doing it very well. By 2030, they want to be the lead nation of cosmic power in the world, and I believe they are serious about doing that.

How science may change China?

Never before have so many people, risen so far, so fast, on so many different dimension – summed up political scientist Graham Allison in his concern about the challenge we face, of the impact of the China’s rise. From late 70’ world started watching dynamic changes in Asian biggest nation and quickly came out of the conclusion that all happens “too much, too soon”. West saw it as a fundamental miss-match: you can’t have a capitalism and authoritarianism working together. Commentators were sure this experiment will fail – but of course, they were so wrong.

china first plant on moon screen shot 2019 01 15 at 19 24
Image credit: People’s Daily, China
In a first for humankind, China is growing plants on the moon (18/01/19 update-dies soon after sprouting)

Easy to realize of share efforts to putting in develop science base of world class. It’s realized to become a first class economic and military power. This leadership is built on the consciousness of today’s Chinas. If you are 18 years old in China your prospect for rising both of social class and income level are much higher than any peer in any another country including USA. Current citizens want more than just economic growth. They want clear air, better food, good health and public care and best education for their kids. They know you can’t make it without efficient academic support. Science is very important in China for both foreign enfaces and cultural level. As well as to leader of the country see the value of scientific leadership in engineering, especially in technical development. They are ready to adapt their lives to any requirements that will deliver them with a better tomorrow. Seems like there is no other society adapting so fast changes on that flexible and efficient way.

Most of politicians in US are lawyers, when in China over more than 90% of their politicians are engineers – interesting deference in approach.

Over the last 30 years, Chinese exports have gradually flooded the globe with products Made in China. With the end of this decade, we will enter a new chapter of Chinese expansion-the earth is too small for them, now the time has come to spreed products into universe.

Xiamen’s city lights at dusk foto:@pjunakphoto (instagram)

Post Scriptum

A great challenge for institutions and scientists is “development without borders”. As long is publish research, it’s big opportunity to create more unify world for science with the western countries. For decades we have been watching people traveling from all around the world to USA or Europe to get top level education. It’s that direction going to target Asian superpower and is China willing to welcome immigrants to contribute with their study? Perhaps we are about to start new debate of cultural-shock to go-on and to observe new challenges for Chinese society.

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