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Strong undersea earthquake 6.2 woke up Xiamen on Monday early morning

At 7:57 on Monday morning in the spot about 115km away Xiamen island, at a depth 12km under the surface of South Chinese Sea a 6.2 Magnitude earthquake took place.


  • Magnitude: (highest measured) 6.2
  • Source depth: 12-15 kilometers
  • Till 10:00 on Monday evening, there have been more than 20 large and small aftershocks
  • Few minutes before the earthquake, animals acted strangely. Parrots owners noticed their high unusual activity, the dogs were restless, urging the owner to go out
  • 24 years ago, big earthquake of a magnitude 7.3 occurred in almost the same location
  • Provincial Seismological Bureau: The possibility of a devastating earthquake in the near future is unlikely

Apocalypse Now

*seriously, I was a little scared

When you live on the first floor in any Chinese city classified in Tier 2nd (yeap Xiamen is even in upper-range section) you are probably very familiar with huge noise and rumbling outside the window. When I heard a bang, and my bed started to vibrate for the first moments, I thought it was another effect of the city’s development works. However, after a few seconds I noticed that these vibrations are different than those it used to repeatedly wake me up in the early morning coming from endless construction works around my house.My first reaction was “run!” and shortly after, without considering my current lack of clothing, I turned those thought into action. Luckily for me and my neighbors I’ve finished my “one hand cover” hippie run on the hall when earthquake began to fade. I came back to the apartment and I felt ashamed of my Adam’s dress evacuation run. But should I?

“aftershock”, found on WeChat

I have read a lot of WeChat posts and in most cases I have noted shock reactions among members of numerous chat groups. Notwithstanding it was clear to see disregard the consequences of the event and the most correct reaction of immediately escaping into the open space. I was completely incomprehensible opinions for me, describing evacuating by little chickens. For those “heroes” a falling on the head ceiling it’s not a problem.

Average earthquake effects 

5.0–5.9 Moderate VI to VII Can cause damage of varying severity to poorly constructed buildings. At most, none to slight damage to all other buildings. Felt by everyone.
6.0–6.9 Strong VIII to X Damage to a moderate number of well-built structures in populated areas. Earthquake-resistant structures survive with slight to moderate damage. Poorly designed structures receive moderate to severe damage. Felt in wider areas; up to hundreds of miles/kilometers from the epicenter. Strong to violent shaking in epicentral area.
7.0–7.9 Major X or greater Causes damage to most buildings, some to partially or completely collapse or receive severe damage. Well-designed structures are likely to receive damage. Felt across great distances with major damage mostly limited to 250 km from epicenter.
What to do?

Descriptive statistics

Major earthquakes, greater than magnitude 7, happen more than once per month.

When I was writing this article in the world was recorded about hundred of earthquakes.

Seismology station observed 72 biggest* earthquakes in last 24 hours, 31 of them measured higher than 5 magnitude .

In China there is at least one bigger earthquake recorded every day.

*more than 3-magnitude

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