GRC Mid-Autumn Festival Charity Market 官任国际中秋主题市集精彩回顾

官任社区中秋节主题国际义卖跳蚤市场圆满落幕!本期市集共募集慈善款3424 元, 含摊主义卖1645元, 爱心居民张女士捐款1000元,社区中外居民捐款779元 。本期善款将用于支持GREAT慈善教育及社区其他公益活动,感谢美国科蒂思维学科英语以及中外志愿者们的大力支持。2019年10月26日万圣节主题国际义卖跳蚤市场,我们不见不散!具体活动安排,请关注one-world-project官方微信的消息。

Thank you for coming to GRC Mid-Autumn Festival charity market! We succeeded in raising 3424RMB in total,1645RMB from stallholders,1000RMB donations from Ms.Zhang,779RMB donations from the Chinese and foreign residents.The money we raised from charity market today will be used for GREAT charity education and other  community charity activities.

Thanks to Kiddle English and all the stallholders and volunteers. We hope to see you at next Halloween charity market on October 26th , 2019. Please follow our official wechat account: one-world-project or our Facebook page: Xiamen Boai Social Service & One World Project.

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