Ordos Wool Fair from August 7-9th

Good News!!!-Will you please come and visit 2019 the second Ordos International Cashmere and Wool Summit and Exhibition from August 7th to 9th in Inner Mongolia?
Ordos is located in the 37° north latitude world animal husbandry gold belt, is the world-famous albas white cashmere production area, Ordos fine wool sheep was certified as the first geographical indication products in China.
for exhibitors will invite more than a dozen foreign exhibition groups from Russia, Australia, and more than 200 domestic high-quality enterprises in processing and sales,
so just let me sign up and keep the quotas for you ASAP! PLEASE CATCH IT NOW! thanks[勾引][勾引][勾引][勾引][勾引]

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Event Date:August 7, 2019
Event Cost:-