Do you want to study Chinese in Xiamen? The city offers you many possibilities!

Most people who are serious about studying Mandarin Chinese, all prefer to study the language in China. They feel that immersion in Chinese society and culture will help them to improve their language skills and become fluent quicker. Xiamen gives lots of opportunities to people who want to study.

There are four main options to study Chinese in China:

  • Universities,
  • Internships,
  • Private schools,
  • Private tutors.


Generally, the university is the place where you can get the courses with the best quality. Why? Most universities have more experience on teaching Chinese than any private school and the most experienced teachers prefer to work there. You also won’t have any trouble on getting your student visa and a cheap accommodation at the foreign student’s dormitory.

There are also some disadvantages:

  • You can’t start a course at the University whenever you want and the scheduling of the lessons is fixed,
  • Universities only offer full-time courses,
  • Universities’ teaching methods work on the long terms but some might find it…extremely boring,
  • The best universities are more expensive than private schools.

There is also an option to get one of dozen scholarships. Find the information of China scholarship on CUCAS and get to know all available categories of scholarship in China universities

Let’s check out most popular options in Xiamen:

  • Xiamen University
  • Jimei University
  • Huaqiao University

Xiamen University


Xiamen University has a high reputation in China and is the one of the most reputable universities found in the south of China. Overall, the Chinese program is thought of as well-taught and the teachers genuinely care about your learning. For several years regularly classified in the top 500 best universities in the world.

The Chinese program is broken down into 6 levels from absolute beginner to advanced. Each level is a semesters worth of study, and the entire program can be completed from scratch to level sixth in three years.

Compulsory classes consist of comprehensive (综合), listening (听力) and speaking (口语) classes. Class-time per week depends on level, but is generally 15-20 hours of compulsory classes. The cost of studying Chinese is RMB 26000/year.

If you’re considering coming to Xiamen to study Chinese because of the beautiful university campus and proximity to the beach, then you’re best to reconsider. You will be out here in Xiang’an, which is not to say that the campus isn’t beautiful, it’s just remote and not the campus that most foreign students expect to live on.

Contact info:
Address: Xiang’an Campus, South Xiang’an Rd, Xiamen, Fujian, China, 361102

Tel: +86-(0)592-2184792


Jimei University

Photo: China Universities – CUCAS

Jimei University (JMU), one of the key universities in Fujian Province, is a multi-disciplined university with a history of 100 years. It is located in Jimei Schools Village, Jimei, Xiamen. Jimei University puts much emphasis on its international exchanges and cooperation. It has carried out a wide range of academic exchanges and research cooperation with more than 100 universities and research institutions in more than 20 countries and regions.

You have 2 general possibilities to learn Chinese in JU:

  • Chinese Language & Literature – bachelor – 4 years,
  • Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, bachelor – 4 years.

The cost of the program is RMB 13500/year.

Contact info:

Address: Chen Aili International College, Jimei University, 185 Yinjiang Road, Jimei, Xiamen, Fujian, 361021, China

Tel: 0086-592-6185566, 6182013



Huaqiao University

Photo: 中国侨网

Huaqiao  University (HQU) was established by the Chinese central government in 1960 in Quanzhou. In 2004 a second campus was built in Xiamen city. HQU has a comparative strength in Chinese language and culture education.

Situated in the Jimei School Village, Xiamen and endowed with an awesome view of both mountains and sea, the campus has been famous for its beautiful scenery and has an easy access to the public transport.

The major Chinese Language offers a four-year undergraduate program and a two-year junior college program, both of which are intended for foreigners. The four-year undergraduate program in Chinese Language includes three different tracks: Chinese Culture, Business Chinese, Tourism Chinese. Teaching is focused on  training students’ comprehensive skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation, stressed on the knowledge of Chinese language and Chinese culture.

The cost of the junior college program is RMB 14000/year.

Contact info:

Address: No 8, Jiageng Road, Jimei, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, PRC

Tel: +86-592-6068011




If you pay for an internship you’ll get the help you need to get a VISA, organize your trip, find an accommodation and build a social life. Internships represent the most expensive way to come to China to study Chinese (unless you get a scholarship). You can’t choose where to study Chinese, so make sure your program will send you to a good school or university.

This option is ideal for the people who prefer to pay a bit more money to avoid complications or people that are moving abroad for the very first time.

There’s one international organization called AIESEC. They offer some paid internships in China. Unfortunately, many of their offers just focus on finding cheap white (sic!) employees for English schools.

Contact info:

Private schools

Private schools represent the most flexible and economic way to study Chinese in China. You can get one to one classes, small groups and sometimes big groups classes (more than 8-10 people).

  • The advantage of private academies is that you have the option to pay only when you attend the lesson.
  • Some schools can’t provide you with student VISA: If you come to China and you want to get a student VISA by joining a course in a private school, make sure that the school you chose can provide you the VISA. Also, make sure to ask how many hours per week you’ll need to attend in order to get the VISA.
Mandarin Unlimited Academy, Xiamen

Private tutors

Private tutors are cheap and easy to find. Tutors are quite useful for beginners as a complement to the regular classes or for those beginners that are working full-time and don’t have the time to attend a regular course at the university.


Go to our Business Rate section and find best private schools and tutors available in Xiamen.


All of this places are good for particular kinds of students and situations. If you’re motivated enough you will for sure find the perfect place, people, methods that will help you not only to learn, but also enjoy the process of learning Chinese.


No time for school? Classrom is not place for you? Check how to learn Chinese for free, without moving from home!




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