“Angry Birds” attack in Xiamen!

There were about a dozen gray magpies on the street trees at the entrance of Yongbai Garden in Songbai Road. These gray magpies were not afraid of people, but also often attacked passers-by. People were afraid of being attacked, and most of them walked quickly but there were still unsuspecting passers-by who were attacked from time to time. Individually attacked passers-by will use shouts to scare birds, but they do not seem to be afraid, just jump from one branch to another.

Birds are treated as friends and protected, but some birds do not seem to appreciate. Ling Feihe, a senior member of the Xiamen Bird Watching Association, told reporters that the reason why Gray Magpies attacked was because they were “self-defensing” during the breeding season. The spring and summer seasons are the best seasons for the gray magpies to breed.  “In the breeding season, the gray magpies are very sensitive to other creatures entering the nesting area. The nature of the these birds will drive them to make a violent attacks on people and other animals close to the nest.” He suggested that passers-by should not look around when they pass by, it is best to wear a hat or an umbrella.

According to taihainet.com

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