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300 police officers answered to the request for donating blood

According to the Taihainet News report, wife of the first detention center’s policeman Mao Cong urgently needed blood. More than 300 policemen wanted to help. Ms. Zi’s body has gradually improved. Her husband, Mao Cong, was extremaly thankful of what had happened

Mao Cong is a police officer in the first detention center. A year ago, his wife, Mrs. Zi, was seriously ill. She recently received high-dose chemotherapy before the cell transplantation. There was a serious decline in white blood cells and a risk of bleeding at any time. At noon on the 18th, Mao Cong asked a husband for help. He posted help information in the WeChat group of the Party Member’s House of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. More than 300 policemen responded for the first time, and more than 10 people successfully donated blood.

In the early morning of the 19th, the officers and men of the two squadrons of the Armed Police Detachment lined up into the medical office to request blood tests and blood donation. “This scene made me very moved.” Said Liu Junjie, the head of the first detention center’s infirmary office.

After the blood type test, the eight armed police officers and soldiers were eligible, and three of them donated blood. The medical staff said that the amount of blood on that day is enough, and others don’t need to donate it now. With a backup blood supply that can be supplied at any time, a stone in the heart of Mao Cong’s heart finally fell. “I can’t express it in words, I will remember it in my heart, I will remember it forever, and I will be grateful to you!”

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