10 bars and clubs located in Xiamen worth to visit – tested

If you’re looking for some fun, you definitely need to visit one of these places. There are many foreign style bars and clubs seen in Xiamen. The bar scene has grown in the area around the big hotel on GuanRen Road and inside Shapowei Art Zone. There have been huge changes in the night entertainment scene on our small island. There are far more music clubs in the western style nowadays. Ok, hold the beer and…

1. Mojar – Mexican Bar

They open at 10 AM. Food is good and quite inexpensive. During the week days, from 5 PM to 8 PM, one meal (everyday different) costs just 19 RMB. There are Ladies Nights with free drinks for girls on every Thursday. Music is nice, place is relatively big. Last floor in Shapowei Art Zone complex Address: 廈門大学路沙坡尾艺术西区四楼

2. Revolucion Cocktail Xiamen

Popular place near Bar Street is open from 6:00 PM to 2:00 AM (or late). These guys know what they are doing. Professionally made drinks by people who have been trained to a very decent standard. Huge selection of booze. The DJ is playing popular songs and international hits so you are not gonna stand but always dance! Lots of foreigners. Address: 福建省厦门市思明路,官任路5-8号 (new location 5 min walking from the previews place, in old place – Fan Zone sport bar)

3. FatFat Beer Horse

It’s open from Monday to Sunday from 12:00 to 02:00 on the and of Shapowei Art Zone. Since the beginning of FatFat Beer Horse, making beers was the most important thing and it still is! Lately they added snack menu of hearty foods, including noodles and salad to the palate, which is available at their factory (yeah its made in old factory building) location.

Additionally there is a great show in the FatFat which is called the Big Big Comedy. It has been entertaining audiences in Xiamen since 2016. Their weekly stand-up comedy specials combine local and out of town talent and have performed for thousands of Xiamen residents and visitors. Open Mic Night starts at 9:30PM every Thursday evening with free entrance . Address: 厦门沙坡尾艺术西区60号之13设备房

4. Phoebe

Either it’s a Friday night or a Wednesday afternoon, Phoebe’s is always a good choice if you are in Xiamen, longing for a drink in a friendly atmosphere. Being one of the most low-priced yet nicely decorative venues of Xiamen. The interior is decorated mostly with wood, which makes it stylish and homey. Since it’s a student bar, Phoebe’s also attracts the international students of Xiamen University. Seasonal promotions such as Monday the Tsingdao beer costs only 1 RMB between the 9.00 pm. to 11.00 p.m. They have a billiard, some good music and tables full of young people. If you are in to it, water-pipe is also available. Address: 厦门市思明区大学路山海花园160号

5. Soul Bar night club 

It’s open from 08:00 PM to 05:00 AM. Don’t go there if you’re sober, you will just get a headache because of the loud music. This place is best to go to after The Key when you’re a bit tipsy already. Open late and filled with late night partiers, Soul Bar is everything you can expect of a nightclub. The bar is small compared to the other clubs in the area, but is appointed in a steampunk theme. Gears and old-time clockwork gadgets make up the decor, but the music played is mostly hip-hop and rap, with the occasional live band. There is no dance floor as such, but navigating through the narrow and often packed tables, you’ll find customers dancing on their own in groups. (There is Groovy in front of the Soul Bar with salsa parties on Mondays and filipino band on Fridays and Saturdays.) Address: 厦门湖滨东路188号

6. Helens

This popular American restaurant and bar has dozen locations in Xiamen. Wooden tables give the cavernous bar a homey feel, and every night offers a different special, such as Shisha Monday, Ladies Night Wednesday, Karaoke Thursday, and Quiz Night Sunday. Shots are cheap and popular. It’s open from 10:00 AM to 03:00 AM. Address: 厦门槟榔路3号郑州人民公园 or 厦门思明南路483号

7. Londoner

No other bar in Xiamen can better tell the true story of the expat experience in this city by the sea. Having been serving in this location “forever”, and having stood the test of time in style, it’s THE place to go for a few pints, tasty food and warm, interesting people (if you avoid Englishmen*). It’s open from 12:00 PM to 02:00 AM and obviously in the central of the Bar Street. Address: 郑州人民公园

*Just kidding, they are cool but I don’t understand the shit they talk

8. Muse 

One of Guanren Road’s premium nightlife offerings. While the bar doesn’t offer any draft beers, they serve the usual selection of Chinese and imported brews as well as an extensive cocktail menu. There isn’t an enforced dress code, but Muse tends to attract the young, stylish, and wealthy youth of the city. Open from 07:00 PM to 02:00 AM.
Address: Guanren Road, Behind Marco Polo…. You know Bar Street. Xiamen, 市思明区官任路5-8号
9. Fan Zone
Fan Zone is a brand new sport bar in the blooming heart of Bar Street (yes the one next to Marco Polo hotel) . You won’t miss a single second of your favorite sport because they have 8 TVs. Not interested in sport events? Go for beer pong, darts or enjoy live music show. Always open when need. Address(old Revo location): 厦门官任路2-16号
10. The Hub
More lazy night location. Good place to eat Indian cuisine and relax on the garden. Huge variety of crafted beers. Open from 5:30 PM to 11 PM. Not on the Bar Street! But just nearby.
Address: 厦门湖滨北路18-110号  No.18-110 Hubin North Road, Xiamen

The above places are objectively the most popular locations visited by expats and young locals. We do not get any cash for promoting them (which is a pity), however Xiamen offers a lot more interesting places than just those listed in the article. Do you know anything worth to recommending? Did you party so well that you lost your shoes last night (Johnny I have your left)? Share your experiences in the comments section bellow!

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