10 places for amateur-sport activities in Xiamen

Ready for summer? Local pals proudly show off with their Beijing Bikini, but you are hiding in home with your winter tummy? No worries! with our best TOP10 in Xiamen you will find suitable location for all kind of amateur-sport activities. It’s time to sweat a little and have some fun! 


1. Xiamen Sport Center

We will start this list with the biggest sport center on the Xiamen island. Outdoor complex offers several dozen basketball spots, dozen locations of table tennis, tennis and badminton courts, running trail around the Xiamen Stadium, outdoor public gym, one full-size real grass football field and 3 smaller artificial grass pitchs. There are also two gymnasiums and swimming pool with even more possibilities for active time.

Address: 体育路95号文化艺术中心文化宫内(近停车场 Tel: (0592)2661910

Photo: news.cbg.cn

2. Beach volleyball on the Guanyin beach

Guanyinshan sand beach is a place of many outdoor activities, such as annual FIVB World Tour when beach volleyball’s elite go head to head golden beach. Could you find better place to play? There are two courts on the beach open whole year (expect seasonal events). We entourage you to contact us and let us play with you! We love playing volleyball.

Address: 中国福建省厦门市思明区厦门观音山海滨旅游商业街

Photo: https://image.baidu.com

3. Windsurfing and canoeing

Fengshui Sailing Club & Resort with dozen of services such as sail boat, sup, kayak, fishing boat. They also have cool staff to help you training sailing, windsurfing or regatta. As Fengshui Sailing Club & Resort is the first affiliated sailing school of American Sailing Association (ASA) in Xiamen, students enrolled in the camp have opportunities to obtain the internationally recognized ASA Certification.

Location: Fengshui Sailing Club & Resort,Wuyuan Bay  Xiamen

4. Rugby with Typhoons and Mazus 

Absolute beginner in rugby? Perfect they will make you pro! Teams made up of foreign and local residents representing Xiamen Typhoon (male) and Xiamen Mazus (female) club. Training session twice a week, local competitions, china tours and best mates you can imagine waiting for you.

There are Touch Rugby on Tuesdays at 6:30-8:30 pm and Contact on Saturday 2:30-4:30 pm. Xiamen Sports Center (grass field on west side)

Address: 湖滨东路408号厦门市体育中心综合楼8-9层 Tel: 0592-5399122

Gulangyu cup 2019

5. Rock Climbing and Trampoline Park

Two location, we recommend one located next to the first BRT station on Jimei district after bridge crossing in Xiamen inside Jiageng Gymnasium-Training Hall. Large space, equipment in good condition and helpful nice staff. Group ticket price estimate about 80 RMB, they run many promotions so is good to go there with bunch of friends.

Location A: 1st Floor of Jiageng Stadium Training Hal Jimei


Location B: Robinson Square F2, 889 Xiahe Road, Siming

6. Bowling in Star Crown Bowling Club*

The environment is not bad however the price is quite high. In addition to the bowling lane, there are several pool table facilities. The bowling alley is on the second floor of the building. Come with your friends and you’ll enjoy!

Address: 东渡路119号2楼 Tel: 0592-6599333

Photo: XiamenMango

7. Badminton in Wuyuanwan Sport Center 

Big hall with several dozen courts. Nice quality ground surface and facilities. You can book court per hour. You will find many professional players around you that might help you to improve your skills.

8. Cycling – 4 astonishing Xiamen routes

Xiamen is cyclist paradise, no daub on that. Beautiful roads along the seaside, countryside tracks and mountain fantastic sections – all around us. But Today we will present locations for the amateur riders in urban area with great scenery:

  • Xinglin Bay bicycle trail

Xingling Bay bicycle trail offers riders an unforgettable experience to go around the Xinglinwan Reservoir and partly literally through the bay.

Length: 26 km

Route: Jixing Seawall – Garden Expo Park – Jimei New Town – Water Sports Center of Fujian Province

Address: 中国福建省厦门市集美区集杏海堤

Photo: xmnn.cn
  • Haicang Avenue bicycle trail

Cyclists can ride and enjoy the scenery and the fragrance of flowers and watch the panorama of the island from the Haicang wharf.

Length: 5.5 km

Route: from Haicang Bay Park to Jiangang Road

Address: 中国福建省厦门市海沧区滨湖北路

Photo: xmnn.cn
  • Midair bicycle trail

Since opened provide citizens ride along an elevated bicycle path in “the middle of the air” bicycle trail and keeps its cyclists clear of pedestrians. No only convenient way of avoiding busy traffic but also perfect opportunity to watch the city form up.

Length: 7.6 km

Route: California City Plaza – Ruijing Middle School – Zhonglun Park – Xianyue Road – Xianhou town

Address: 中国福建省厦门市思明区莲前东路117号

Photo: xmnn.cn
  • Huandao Road bicycle trail

Probably the most popular cyclist road on the island. Mostly placed between the mountain and the sea with the forest keeps cyclists shaded from the sun while a sea breeze keeps their spirits up. Great facilities and view, but not the best option during weekends and holidays – full of wondering tourists.

Length: 23 kilometers

Route: Yanwu bridge – Xiamen University – Zengcuoan – Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Center – Guanyin Mountain – Wutong Ferry Terminal

Address: 中国福建省厦门市思明区演武路

Photo: xmnn.cn

9. Golf with Kaige golf club (a bit out of the island)

The place is beautiful. This is a 36-hole course, but non-members can only play 18 holes. Big positive of this spot is calm and relaxing character and not crowded at all.

Address: 福建省厦门市同安区同集路877号 Tel: (0592)7391118

Photo: XiamenMango team


…and at last something for lazy donuts

10. Pool and Dart

Pool in Mojito and darts in Londoner

There are many places to enjoy a stroke in which the cue ball strikes another balls but it’s best to do it in the company of a cold drink and tasty snacks. We recommend to go to the Mojito bar and play with no charge (note they just have one table) or grab tasty Irish beer in Londoner. More info about Mojito and Londoner you’ll find here

Address: 廈門大学路沙坡尾艺术西区四楼

Photo: XiamenMango team

*A little bird told me that the Star Crown Bowling Club is currently under renovation, perhaps the bowling alley will be moved to a new place. Leave your comment if you have ably update.

Xiamen offers a lot more interesting places than just those listed in the article. Do you know anything worth recommending? Share your experiences in the comments section bellow!

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